Clive cussler the striker

Things continue to escalate, and if Isaac cannot find the provocateur before it is too late, there will be a blood bath from the fight A prequel of sorts to the Isaac Bell series, the majority of the story takes place when Isaac is first starting out as a detective for the Van Dorn Agency. Clive Cussler and Justin Scott give us another great read. Jul 16, Ian Allan rated it really liked it. I've read and enjoyed other books by Cussler, but none in this series; that, too, gave me pause until I found out it's really a prequel to the other four - the book in which Bell proves his bones as a private investigator. The review from this organization said, "Whether careening down a mineshaft or aboard a churning, bomb-laden steamboat on the Monongahela, this thriller keeps readers enthralled from start to finish.

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He obviously didn't care about writing it, so you shouldn't care about reading it.

The story is exciting and flows with a typical Cussler pace. Aan Isaac de eer dit op te lossen. Melvil Deweythe DDC in and had it published and patented in Then I learned that it takes place in and around the coal mines of West Virginia and Pennsylvania not far from my home at a time when labor unions were trying to gain a foothold.

I really like this series. The authors sort of leave to our imagination whether Isaac and Mary do more than just cuddle for warmth in a boxcar or if there really was more Page 1 of 1 Start over Cive 1 of 1. Another great Isaac Bell adventure.

But is Mary all she seems on the surface, or is she hiding something? He gets info, he even saves Isaac's life, but he's also sfriker tugged down by something his willpower can't overcome.

With the Marion Morgan on ice for this one, it created the opportunity to work in a romance angle with a different lady, which was good. The hero shines against despicable villains. Please try again later. Clove is niet super hoogstaand en eigenlijk maakt de hoofdpersoon ook niet zoveel uit. See all books by Clive CusslerJustin Scott.

I recommend "The Striker" as well as the other Isaac Bell stories. Aug strikee, David rated it cussled not like it. Will Congdon go unmasked and unpunished?

Tall tales that have enough of a basis in fact to draw you in and then rapidly go off the rails of believability. Issac doubts his own abilities at one point, but is reminded of what gives him his edge. It was quite interesting to see names of places very familiar to me: Mar 17, Darlene Ferland rated it it was amazing.

The Striker

Boeken van Clive Cussler beschouw ik wel als mijn guilty pleasure. I'm beginning to wish I quit after The Wrecker. While union activists are being blamed, Bell doubts this.

Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, cuszler. Jun 05, Ethan Bridges rated it really liked it. Strikers, Owners, Bankers all find themselves being weighed down by the union verses non-union troubles of the day. There were scenes that were just really poorly created Bell chases down and catches the bad guy in a cellar-- the confrontation there turns out stupid and finally, the trick that authors Cussler and Scott contrive for Bell in the conclusion is just patently silly and almost as absurd as a toy cowboy hat one of my friends had that contained a trick shriker.

THE STRIKER by Clive Cussler , Justin Scott | Kirkus Reviews

Putnam's Sons; Reprint edition March 4, Language: The story is set in coal country in For me, it has begun to feel that the series is written for adults yet in a juvenile style. At least this reader is very happy to see Issac as an inexperienced young dectective who is learning the ropes of from the best of the Van Dorn Detective Agency. And there's a nice overlap in this book.

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