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RigidChips - Wikipedia

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In the meantime, keep making stuff! Laputan Blueprints, which is based on RC1.


It can be affected by air resistance and gravity. When Takeya became active again, he announced that RigidChips was "dead" and he is making a similar simulator called "Laputan Blueprints", which is in the proof of concept phase.

This applies to all chips of similar architecture. The proportion is fixed. Gene writes — Rigid Chips is almost like a virtual set of legos, except you have parts like V8 engines, rocket thrusters, laser ring gyroscopes, and guns.

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This page was last edited on 27 Aprilat Rigidchjps Anything that flies: Files All Laputan Blueprint file releases go here. Others Any vehicles that don't fit into the above categories. Models can be made using any basic text editor. RigidChips was left without any official support from Takeya Yasuhiko with version v1.

Freeware games Lua-scripted video games.

Frame Similar to a chip except that it is hollow and not affected by air resistance. Posts Topics Advanced Search.

Games can be made by assigning scripts to the constructed objects, including multiplayer network games. Newsletter to keep you inspired with new projects and more product reviews.

Scripts Lua libraries and scenarios. Rudder Rotates in a manner similar to a rudder. Thanks for signing up. Read more about the news here: Scripting resources — Link. Only other cowls can attach to it.

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Rigid chips

Member Art If you have any art, and want to share it. Rigid Chips even has a multi-player mode so you can do battle with tanks, airplanes, hovercrafts, cupcakes, or what ever else you can think of. Wheel A wheel used just like a car wheel.

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