Samsas traum asenka

Do you understand what I mean? Is this a search for yourself, the desire for self-improvement and personal integrity? Of course my English is quite okay, because I spent a lot of years in England and I meet English musicians all the time, but German is my native language, I speak it since 33 years, so I know this language quite well. And I can understand a little bit. I had nothing to do with it.

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I want the music and the content of my lyrics to be more important than the face of the musician creating the music — an attitude which is currently rare in the music industry, especially in the so called German Gothic scene. Or is it something else?

You have a new image almost every album. Goths, fans of black metal, general metalheads and people just interested in unusual music listen to your albums. Oh Luna Mein It is trqum, because this is why I got to know your country from the inside. And then I take the guitar and play German songs. Do you understand what I mean?

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I like reading books about Russia. Only bands with more than 2 entries are shown, for everything else use the search box. You just like them. And I wrote 15 songs in six weeks. Some time ago you asked your Russian fans to tell you what they think about Stalin, Gorbachev, homosexuality, Chechnya and Germany.

And this record is very interesting because it has two opposites. But they turned out to be quite representative. Do you want asenkx keep them in secret?

Samsas Traum - Von Sieg zu Sieg lyrics

I think even those who are really familiar with Samsas Traum music will be able to look at aeenka from a different angle after reading this stuff. Or just a dream? Do you see the whole picture at once, or it is like a mosaic gradually formed from the individual elements?

Can you describe the creative process for your albums? Skip to main content.

Samsas Traum

I think it is a big problem, because your country is always complaining about Europeans not releasing enough music in Russia or not coming to Russia too often, but… strange policy.

Are you a vain man? And I got to know about the life in a small Russian city, not like in a big city like Moscow. How much of them do you manage to fulfill? You have to be very tolerant. What kind of songs? But my concerns proved futile: What were the results of this experiment? And the artwork is also very morbid and sarcastic and horrible.

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My grandparents, the parents of my father, they are from Czechoslovakia, so I felt connected to this type of culture somehow without wanting it, like biologically. I like jogging around in Zelenograd. The release that asena out in March was entirely done by the record company.

Can I ask you why? And I can tell you that this is a lot of money — this asenkw the pay off for Samsas Traum. On her way home she meets a lot of characters from Russian fairytales and folktales.

And what about Russian literature?

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