Octave 3.6.4

Do you have bit MS-Office installed? On Wed, May 8, at Then how do I get it displayed in an excel worksheet without having to type in the values manually? He suggested typing the following command in Octave:. First time I am thanking someone for help in computer related topics.

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Nitzan Thanks, that certainly helped.

If you want I can look if your code can somehow be absorbed lctave the io pkg as a sort of fall-back option. You should literally see the numbers from 1 to 9 appearing in the first three rows and columns of your Excel spreadsheet. In reply to this post by am am wrote Oops, pressed send a bit too early The default BLAS selection seems to be reasonable, but select "Generic works on all systems " as recommended, if you feel anxious about to fail installation.

Similarly, the syntax for loops is 3.6. same as far as I know. Here, Octave uses gnuplot behind the scenes to take care of producing plots. Nitzan usually includes the latest fixes so if these weren't included he must have had a bad hair day when he made the 3.

Octave - General - xlsread in Octave

June 8, at Checking Java JRE presence First time I am thanking someone for help in computer related topics. Personally, I think it would be really great if the correct download link was given pride of place on the Octave home page.

Thank you very much and Merry Christmas! See Octave's FAQ for more details. March 4, at 3: If that was the one you installed and you followed the instructions precisely, then you could try installing a newer version of Octave instead since 3.

June 21, at 4: Hi, I have C: I think it is installed by default when you install Octave on Windows. Java seems to work OK.

Installation of Windows versions of Octave 3.6.4

I am currently working with Octave. The newer version, if available, will probably work but the installation procedure may differ from the description below.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Maybe next summer I can look at it again. You can download the proper versions from svn: March 7, at Run Octave and just type the lines in manually one at a time, or 2.

However if I exit Octave and restart, the same problem occurs. I also have managed to download Octave thanks to your instructions.

As described in the Wiki for Octave for Microsoft Windowsthe prompt may not appear properly when the Octave is launched. But the IT folks at work did octavee "specials" with it which I figured might be the cause.

Installing Octave on Windows 8 | DT Engineering Computing Module

That could be due to a plethora of reasons. E4 Markus Bergholz wrote. Thanks for this great help. I installed Octave 3.

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