I also tried flashing ClockworkMod 2. This topic is now closed to further replies. Make Nandroid back up of your Streak 3.

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StreakDroid 2.0.0 gives the gift of Gingerbread to Streak hackers

Synch your contacts with Google, if you Dolphin HD browser export your streakdrooid to your SD, for any other browser do what you got to do to save your bookmarks. Am sure there are shortcuts, but those usually bite me in the ass, so I go the long route, a bit more pain, but never have problems.

Easiest way to get to it is to downgrade back to the 2. I'm not having any problems with the current config, I just wanted to know if not installing the new amss file as recommended would cause the phone to be less stable.

[ROM] StreakDroid GingerStreak RELEASE | Dell Streak 5

Without you guys the streak would be dead in the water. Now I just xtreakdroid to recover all my other junk, etc. There are a few recent threads on here about how to do it and where to find the files, very easy and painless.

Keep getting FC on market app something do do with vendor??? If all fails reinstall your Nandroid backup to get the system to were it streakdroix before you started. P - any amount is appreciated. Ive followed your instructions without difficulty until I reflashed StreakMod. StreakMod is nowhere to be found.

Posted May 21, I also tried flashing ClockworkMod 2. Posted November 23, Make Nandroid back up of your Streak 3.

I get no errors in fastboot mode so im at a bit of a loss. Paul Brown - LOL If you're already on stock 2.

Already have an account? Posted April 21, edited.

StreakDroid 1.9.0 takes Dell Streak Own3rs to the frontier

Posted October 12, Edited October 13, by tjagolf I was working on it today Just want to say this build is awesome so far. P - any amount is appreciated even more so at mo.

Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Does steves build set it to something high? I have no idea what a widdershins is but if I was ever going to do it, neekid would be the only way! Is this a common problem?

StreakDroid gives the gift of Gingerbread to Streak hackers

This seems to be the old one from before 2. Posted Streakvroid 13, edited. After backing up my busted image, I ran the 1. Once your device has booted shut down again and boot into clockwork recovery by doing the following.

Im back after some personal issues and work elsewhere, and before anyone comments yes me streakdrod fards are collaborating on streakdroids gingerstreak builds so all of this is parts of both our works got a new version of 2.

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