Zabt e ishq novel by mehwish iftikhar

Chhe rangeen darwazy Jungle main dhanak. It is a beautiful story written in the background of Pakhtun culture and values. The novel also shows all the colors of life and positive and negative emotions of a human like jealousy and revenge, greed and leg pulling, caring about closed ones, guidance to walk on straight path etc. Tu Man Shudi is very well written novel on the topic of second marriage of a man while keeping his first wife, a thing allowed by our Religion but is considered bad in our Pakistani Society.

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Tery pyar ki khushboo. Mafroor Maut kay sodagar Sangtarash. Rah e ulfat mein Neelay chand ki raat Kuch khwab dil mein. Pathar shehar kay baasi Dilruba Sada chiryan da chanba Ishaq hota nahi Ik sagar hai zinadagi.

Ebooks Stuff Student Knowledge Key. The Novel is brought to you by Kitaab Ghar Team Exclusively for online readers and this has never been published before any where. She has 4 long novels on her credit which have been published in book form.

Urdu Novels Center.: Mehwish Iftikhar

Father can give all his savings and property just to see a glimpse of his son. Tum Akhri Jazeera Ho. Do Gaz Zameen is a novel about old age fight over money, land and woman. Bol Shab is a Love Story, full of emotions and sentiments.

Iftokhar ul reha Hassa bin sabah. The novel is beautifully written and narrates the ups and downs of the life of lead character Khwahish.

Jeeton To Tujhe Paon. Bushra Rehman was born in August 28, in Bahawalpur. This is revised and new version of the novel published by Ilm o Irfan Publishers, Lahore.

Atarad Jazeere Ke Khwab. Abida Sabeen is an emerging writer who has been writing regularly in leading monthly digests like Dosheeza Anchal Hijab Raisham. It's a story of a young woman who found true path and reached self realization and left all worldly colors.

Urdu Novel's Online Blog: Zabt e ishq by Mehwish Iftikhar Read Online

Zabt e Gham by Fiza Adil is a Urdu Romantic Novel, based on Love and Social aspects which highlighted many aspects of life through some characters in the novel. Even if it seems bitter, we have to obey Him. The novel is beautifully written and narrates the ups and downs of the life of lead character Kali. This novel is dedicated to those youngsters who died in the mountains and occeans of Turkey and Greece and to those mothers whose eyes are still teary in waiting of their lost sons.

Who kidnapped Mahram and Why? Love has amazing healing power that can cure any wound of heart and soul. Mann Ke Dareechay is her first book and has 4 novels in total.

Mehwish Iftikhar

She wrote many Best Sellers after her debut in the world of Urdu Literature. Tu bhi mera sathi ban ja Mohabbat hai tumse Kitni ruton kay bahd aya mousm e gul Yeh gulposhion ka mousam Woh ghataon jaisa Chahaten aisi Mery khwabon ki tasveer hai tu Mohabbat hai tumse. The characters of this novel are so real you can almost feel them near you and they take you with them during reading of this novel. This is the story of walking on a path of vengeance.

She is a truth seeker and when she is introduced to Islam, her life gets totally changed. The torment, distress and Desiccation of Labyrinth. Mohabbat e Kamil is a story of family and friendship bonds. Mujhe Mohabbat Ka Mebwish Do.

Angaray by Tahir Javed Mughal.

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