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Lima Group states meet over Venezuela measures. Tourists hunker down as Storm Pabuk lashes Thailand. Johnson worked with photographer, Anna Webber on album artwork and press photography.

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Retrieved from " https: Her plans for the future are to tour more and to continue to push her album and "Torpedo" single.

Jillette grew up in New York City and started playing piano and writing music before the age of Her song "Torpedo" was written before her signing to Wind-Up Records, and it was reminiscent of a country tune. Her debut album with Wind-up, Water in a Whale, was released June 25, She opened up about her album "Water in a Whale" and song "Torpedo.

Jillette Johnson's Water in a Whale". What was really helpful were the people around me, and they helped me gather a pretty substantial catalog of emotional material," she said. Log in with Facebook Log in with Twitter.

Johnson classified her musical genre as "classical American songwriting. It was really challenging to narrow it down because they had a similar message or identity.

Tourists hunker down as Storm Pabuk lashes Thailand. Bitcoin drops today without testing key resistance levels. We produced it and then I signed up with the label, and they liked the song, even though it felt a little bit torpddo to me.

Jillette Johnson - Wikipedia

An Artist Interview video with Jillette Johnson". By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Archived from the original on For more information on Jillette Johnson and her new music, visit her official website. More about jillette johnsonwater in a whaleTorpedowindup recordsSinger.

Jillette Johnson talks debut CD 'Water in a Whale' and 'Torpedo' (Includes interview)

Regarding the song selection for her critically-acclaimed debut album Water In a Whaleshe remarked, "I write torpeddo all the time, johhson usually I have too many songs to sit through. Johnson supports the anti-bullying campaign, Hey U. While it was extremely difficult for her to chose a favorite recording on the album, she noted that she is proud of "When The Ship Goes Down" as a "piano piece," as well as "Cameron," especially since she enjoys playing it live.

In Siberia, Chinese demand for prehistoric tusks fuels 'mammoth rush'. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Lima Group states meet over Venezuela measures.

Y Hey, unique, gifted, lovable you [23] via the Pledge Music site. According to her own account, at the time, a year-old producer gave her whiskey and tried to take advantage of her.

I have pop tendencies, but it is all really song-driven, so if there was a genre called 'classical American songwriting,' I would be in it," she admitted. The same year Jillette Johnson shared her favorite music in a show "I am the DJ" [14] on an online streaming music service Slacker Radio. The bones of it were a little bit rearranged," she said.


Jillette Johnson

Retrieved 10 June Europe 'record of shame' over ports closed to sick children. Retrieved June 18, We re-wrote the verses in the vein of the rest of the album, and it's the only song that I have written that was a skeleton song. Views Read Edit View history.

I am lucky to have him as a friend," she said.

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