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No need to worry about switching to another mobile phone. Right click the file which has been added to the playlist; choose one playlist the file belonged from submenu of "Show in Playlist", and then it will skip to the playlist automatically. No need to sync with iTunes when you add apps to other devices.

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Download and convert online videos at one click.

ImTOO PodWorks - BEST iTunes Alternative, iTunes Replacement Software

If the files have different values in the Name, Artist, Album Artist, Album, Genre, Rating and Year fields, the program will show all the values in the field divided by semicolon, you can click the field text box to change the field for multiple files simultaneously. Does this program resolve this issue? Provide the fast HD decoding and encoding tech and HD-quality images and sound quality. While our program is running, it needs certain data from iTunes, although iTunes itself need not be started while our program is in use.

Save ringtones to hard drive and iTunes Add ringtones to devices as well. Unlike many similar programs, you do not need to use iTunes to copy media files from your computer to your iPod. Automatically select a compatible profile for the intoo file.

Please check the files on your iPod by iTunes.

ImTOO Pod Works also comes standard with a feature called Filter and Quick Search podwlrks allows you to locate your video files, audio files and photos within seconds by simply searching for keywords. Enjoy your favorite Blu-ray movies and soundtracks on your iPad at your convenience. English German Italian French Japanese. The program supports transferring downloaded videos to devices or iTunes.

ImTOO PodWorks FAQ

Support various video formats and HD videos. Once you connect your iPod to your computer, you will be able to view all of your files in an easy to read Windows Explorer folder.

Search function is available podworsk help you quickly find whatever you want in your music and movie library. Check the wanted files in the right file list, click "Copy File s to powdorks button at the bottom of the file list to start transferring.

English German Italian French Japanese. After that, the problem can be fixed and the program will work for you. English German Italian French Japanese. Does your transfer software handle converting and moving AVI and WMV files to imtol iPod easily without a lot of tweaking or knowledge of video file settings? Mac OS X v You can also drag and drop files between your different devices for transfer.

Use thumbnail and image preview to quickly select your photos and transfer to computer immediately. If you remove iTunes from your PC, Add to iTunes button is grayed out and does not function any more; iPod will also be not recognized by our program. First please install the program and run it. In the left directory tree, choose the source file list from which you want to backup files podworls local.

You can directly drag and drop files from local into the program to import them. Import and Export Contacts Import and export contacts to save the trouble of losing important contacts information. In the left directory tree, choose the source file list from which you want to backup files to local. Do not let iTunes limit your options. ImTOO Pod Works even allows you to edit the ID3 tag information for files you are working with, which enables you to alter the year, artist, name and album of your files.

ImTOO Pod Works: An Overall Look - Steve's Digicams

You can directly drag and drop files from local into the program podwodks import them. All messages are organized by contacts and date. All files in the selected file list will be shown in the right list immediately. As you probably already know, you can't simply transfer a DVD movie to your iPod.

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