Secret life of a vampire kerrelyn sparks

So glad that I chose to finish this series!! Kerrelyn Sparks apparently has issues with reality. I zipped through it in a day and now I want to go back and start the series from the beginning. Aug 25, Soraia rated it it was amazing Shelves:

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Secret Life of a Vampire (Love at Stake, #6) by Kerrelyn Sparks

But as the story went along the tension between the two was good and I did like the big showdown at the Apollo palace at the end. However, I felt like Lara should have done a bit more rather than just take in her surroundings and have sex with Jack when he came. Kerrelyn Sparks apparently has issues with reality.

Trivia About Secret Life of a All was deathly silent for a moment. This book had a lot more humor than the previous ones.

Prosecraft: Secret Life of a Vampire by Kerrelyn Sparks

These guys know how to throw a party. Jack is such a casanova!

It starts when Lara, a rookie cop, is called to a hotel room because there is a bachelor party that has gotten out of control. This book was good but it wasn't my favourite.

Which is why x was small on the action side. Dude on the cover sucks!

Secret Life of a Vampire

The synthetic blood used to make the Blissky comes from the international company Spaeks works for as a top security investigator. Getting a little sidetracked.

Yep, and then we get somewhere in the last 50 pages of a something book However, it took me some time to like Lara. Jack and Lara are a real Jack is throwing a bachelor party where men are drinking Blissky and literally can party all night long.

It seemed more like lust lofe of love.

I didn't really like the storyline about Apollo and their cult. From the moment he first sees Lara, Jack is very attracted to her and jumps in with both feet, trying to seduce her. Since she was a former beauty queen, I'm thinking she shouldn't have changed professions and stuck with what she was good at.

I love the characters in this story, they are interesting and I can't wait to get to Carlos' story. Although the vamps do a good job erasing everyone else's memories, Lara's couldn't be altered because of a previous brain injury.

Love at Stake 1 - 10 of 16 books. The contrasts in his personality made him an entertaining hero, seret I fell hard for the big romantic.

Love at Stake 6. I loved this book! Lara is not a typical cop, and it is her ambition that sniffs something wrong in the air of this bachelor party. Even the police was called after the noisy event. Or make love like one.

Lara knows there is something more than a bachelor party going and she wants to find out what Jack is hiding. This was the real reason he never used the Casanova ,errelyn. Book 6 in the love at Stake series. A mortal would have to be clinically insane to marry a vampire. She agrees to go undercover, but Jack will do anything to stop her from putting herself into the hands of a Malcontent: I hope the next book proves a bit different.

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