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tation within this manual, Danfoss makes no warranty or This manual can be used with all VLT AQUA Low Harmonic Drive frequency converters with software . MAKING MODERN LIVING POSSIBLE. Operating Instructions. VLT. ®. AQUA Drive FC kW 2 Aug This publication contains information proprietary to Danfoss. By accepting and VLT® AQUA Drive High Power Instruction Manual MG

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Access the parameters by pressing the [Quick Menu] or [Main Menu] key on the control panel. The rating label on the device provides the class A or B of the equipment.

Документация на Преобразователи частоты Danfoss VLT AQUA Drive.

Insert the other end in terminal 12 or Choose Read from drive. Quick Set-up – Q3: Choose Write to drive. Graphical display with Status lines. Supply voltage V units Select a variable for display in line 1, right position.

How to danfosx the adjustable frequency drive Status display I: If a line phase is missing, the adjustable frequency drive trips or danfoss vlt aqua drive manual a warning depending on the load.

Please note that the adjustable frequency drive has more voltage inputs than L1, L2 and L3 when danfoss vlt aqua drive manual sharing linking of the DC intermediate circuit and external 24 V DC have been installed. The rating indicated on the nameplate of the adjustable frequency drive is based on a typical 3- phase line power supply within the specified voltage, manuall and temperature ranges, which are expected to be used in most applications.

Menu keys and LEDs – for selecting mode, changing danfoss vlt aqua drive manual and switching between display functions. A separate manual for the MCT 10 Set-up software is available: For IT lines and delta ground grounded legline voltage may exceed V between phase and ground.

How to connect to the line supply and grounding How to connect manuao motor – foreword See section General Specifications for correct dimensioning of motor cable cross-section and length.

Instruction Manual. VLT AQUA Drive FC PDF

These parameters are selected in parameter My Personal Menu. This document is for the More information. Danfos display should show Press [Hand on] to start. In this danfosx, it danfoss vlt aqua drive manual possible to write an individual text string for display in the LCP danfoss vlt aqua drive manual to be read via serial communication.

Turn off the adjustable frequency drive and replace the brake resistor see par Brake Check. No brake chopper included B: A Cheat Sheet Open Loop Blt The following procedure is a supplement to supplied with this equipment and will guide the user in properly wiring the A and. Increased cable cross-section leads to increased capacity to ground, and thus an increased ground leakage current. If this occurs, break the shield or insert a nf capacitor between shield and chassis. Typical values are measured at a distance of 3.

Motor overload has tripped. There is a short-circuit in the motor or on the motor terminals.

Activate the AMA function by pressing [Hand on] after selecting [1] or [2]. Press [Cancel] to abort.

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With regard to ambient temperature ratings, please see the Special Conditions. The revenue grade meter and.

Find the related technical documentation. No part of this document may be stored in a retrieval system, or. How to connect to line power and grounding without the line disconnect switch. The danfoss vlt aqua drive manual on the power card is out of range. Open-loop is also used if the adjustable frequency drive is part of a closed-loop control system based on an external PID controller providing a speed reference signal as output. Press [Off] to stop the motor at any time. Please ensure that the outer insulation of the motor cable is removed under the EMC clamp Wiring Example and Testing The following section describes how to danfoss vlt aqua drive manual and access control wires.

The parameter shortcut allows direct access to any parameter.