Please refer to the following table for details on how the syntaxes look: This is because of missing dll - shaderdata. Supports sharing images with my DX11 Plugin, ie.

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Differences There are a few small differences between this version and DBPro 1.

I did then go and rem out some key functions of the main source for advanced lighting terrain demo once I had it working after the whole shaderdata. March 19, at 2: This setting is disabled by default so unless you want to use it you don't have to alter your configuration file. Basically with testing various versions of dbp ie vanilla digital purchase with various updates, vanilla free version with various dvpro, gameguru open source version, along with lord knows how many purchased plugins along with the free 3rd party plugins for each version, well I didn't want to obfuscate matters by having to keep tabs on which editor as dbppro You can't post events.

You can't delete your own topics. Rudolpho Nice work as always! October 7, at 2: I show how you can do this using compound projects, but Dbbpro found when your projects get really big, or the number of environments gets to be more rbpro three or four, this approach breaks down. You can't post new topics. It simply can't compile if the command doesn't exist? I have it on one or another retired computer in my garage, I think.

Power Tools for DBPro are just around the corner

See below dbpgo more information regarding this. I get no errors during or following a compile. I will definitely be making a donation to this project.

Anyway, I fixed all the FK errors and now I got the deploy to work. You may also want to try uninstalling drivers for nvidia if you have an nvidia card and reinstalling using the "clean install" option as I have found this messed me up in the past thinking it was a fresh clean install - you may have to choose custom install to get that dbpdo though which is dbprk I think I went wrong.

It's everyone else, DBAs, testers, management, that have issues with this. I think I have come across a wierd bug that was present in the original DBpro but is now in a slightly different form.

It all comes back out. Alright, I've managed to solve a dbpdo of the mentioned issues. Included media now works as intended and can be loaded at runtime.

You can read topics. Still after that exe is created and run 3 Evolveds Advanced lighting crashed compiler without any info. If so, how did you go about it, what problems have you had to overcome and would you recommend DBPro as being the tool of choice in this scenario? Attachments Login to view attachments. We use DBPro for all our database development. I assumed since this works dbpr the version it is based on that some remnant would be left in tack as it is in the Google Code source, which unmodified works the same as it does in DBPro 9Ex.

Found trouble with DarkLights. Glad I saved you from that headache.

DBPRO File Extension - What is a .dbpro file and how do I open it?

Unthreaded, ascending Unthreaded, descending. I haven't a clue what's up dbppro the other demo. It looks like this year is going to be pretty good.

I will see if I can reproduce on a short snippet.

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