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Update Unrecognized Zip Code. The Harmolator is the source of Blade's power, and it's the equivalent of the analogue oscillator section in a traditional subtractive synth. Instead, you get an oscillator section known as the Harmolator.

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There are six different waveforms to choose from, and tempo sync is an option. Typically for a Rob Papen synth, Blwde comes with an arpeggiator that can act as a mod source. Instead, you get an oscillator section known as the Harmolator.

Ayres is certainly qualified forthe job: That seemed simple compared to 'true' additive instruments, which provide pitch, phase and amplitude envelopes eob each of dozens or even hundreds of partials. There's orb more to Blade than we can cover in the space we have here, of course. This provides a dozen controls that access the most important aspects of the additive engine, affecting the harmonics in sweeping swathes of sonic manipulation.

The Harmolator is the source of Blade's power, and it's the equivalent of the analogue oscillator section in a traditional subtractive synth.

It will come as no surprise to learn that the synth vsr two effects processors built in, each loaded with plenty of options. Reviews 0 Write a review fqyzxduwva. The GUI is large and tightly packed with loadsof rather small knobs.

Image 2 of 3 Rob Papen is a master patch programmer, and it shows in Blade's voluminous collection of presets. A tabbed area in the lower middle section helps with this to some extent, providing access to all the things that didn't fit on the main display - effects, modulation, pitch controls, an 'advanced' page offering control over envelope curves, velocity, and so on.

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Rob Papen Blade reviews. Furthermore, Blade has the full range of other modulation sources, including a dedicated envelope, LFO and velocity as modulation source for Harmolator controls.

Update Unrecognized Zip Code. Mac OS X Has additive synthesis become the hipster darling of the music production world? You might think so, were you to tick off all of the variations on the technology currently available.

Vsg addition to the Harmolator section, Blade gives you a sub-oscillator, a vvst filter, a distortion module, a modulation matrix, an LFO, an envelope section and more.

This product may only be downloaded from the manufacturer's website. Amp, pitch and the Harmolator get dedicated EGs, while two others are freely assignable. An AAX version is also in the pipeline.

You can program its action or record your own path in real time, and playback can be looped and locked to tempo. Papen has dubbed the Harmolator. All of these provide easy, global control over the typical additive functions that lurk just beneath the Harmolator's surface. And, as a Papen product, you would rightly bet that it is weighed down with a ton of stellar presets though there are some real stinkers in there, too, it must be said.

It all adds up to an instrument that excels atevocative, evolving soundscapes. It'll sync to host tempo, and it can be latched and have swing applied.

Similar to other recent additive synths such as NI Razor and Image-Line Harmor, Blade entirely sidesteps the concept of adjusting loads of individual partials akaharmonics in isolation. Once you've gotten past the Harmolator, you'll find a familiar virtual analogue-style synth engine, including a fully loaded distortion section and a multimode filter with no less oapen 14 filter modes expect several low-pass, high-pass and band-pass varieties, along with vocal and comb modes.

It's aninteresting take on the technique, and one that's in keeping with Papen's desire to provide inspirational music software.


The recorded path can be looped, bi-directional looped and tempo based as well. It's a tight fit, to behonest, and a little crowded with so many parameters to tweak. If you like deep, moving pads or wild wobbulating effects, this is the place to find them, and Blade will be rib appeal to those who are growing weary of the same old virtual analogues and sample-playback instruments.

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