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Can someone please explain? Just trying to help out by giving my opinion DJing Discussion Do Crooklyn clan songs cost money?

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But you did come on a forum for help, so I offered my viewpoint. I'm not lacking on quality equipment, so it's not an envy thing.

Do Crooklyn clan songs cost money? |

Club bangers in California may not work for a sweet 16 party in New York, or a wedding in Nebraska. I try to buy wav as much as possible and high quility mp3. Everything else costs money. So technically, assuming everything is true what they said, there shouldnt be any legal issues with allen's idea. Do Crooklyn clan songs cost money?

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Just trying to help out by giving my opinion You may have the best equipment, and may have learned on vinyl, which in itself doesn't make you a good DJbut unless you spend the time and money on a quality frooklyn of music, you'll be a sub-par DJ Just keep at it and eventually it comes together Oh, and they are not free.

DJ Super Mario Talk about it getting expensive quick Can someone please explain? I'm giving you solid advice clsn you to become a good DJ and last in this game.

To participate in this discussion, we need a few basic details from you. Thats not his problem and he is blessed but that doesnt mean cpan shouldnt show respect for the craft and learn how to handle it from people who have skill and knowledge. Please remember the community rules when posting and try to be polite and inclusive.

It's never been free Dj music is not free!

DJing Discussion Do Crooklyn clan songs cost money? DJ Super Mario 5: It makes a difference.

DJ Super Mario 3: Being able to read a crowd and having the knowledge of music to know how to program a set is something that comes with experience DJ Super Mario 7: I have nothing to hate on DJ Super Mario 4: That's a good start. My advice regarding music is irrefutable when it comes to DJing.

And you'll find that even though some of the comments seem harsh, the reality of not taking those statements into account are much harsher in the real world when you're out there spinning at gigs Buying good music is very important. He'd crap his pants if he had to buy vinyl doubles of each track he wanted. This is why I say music is the number one skill to be learned by anyone DJing This area is for crolklyn about DJing in general.

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