K koke snippet of my life story

Snippet Of My Life Prod. On A Rise Outro. Take My Breath Ft.

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I'm out here bait Stuck up in this road life No lie, everybody knows I Enough man hate, you know what the roads like Feds on my case because they heard that I blow 9s Dead mates got me thinking about old times Livings fucked stiry I'm liquored up most nights Live it up, cause I don't know what tomorrows like.

Текст песни K Koke - Snippet Of My Life, слова песни

On My Own Ft. Volume 1 was given away for free through various online outlets, and can currently be downloaded for free from Mixtape Madness. Sstory But Us Ft. My Deepest Thoughts 1.

From A Place Where Ft. Mi perfil Enviar letra Mensajes Editar Salir. Wheels Fall Off 1.

Snippet Of My Life

Wale - Clean Edit. Voices In My Head. On A Rise Outro 1. I Aint Perfect 1. We Gonna Ride Ft. Let me tell you how my life is Here's the truth, here's the proof Real life stories to tell More like stories from hell 4.

Roc For Life feat.

Intro Bring Me Down. Sticky Where I Come From. Living isn't Found Here - Outro.

Bang Bang Bullet feat. Sticky Where I Come From 1. Nobody But Us Feat.

Roc For Life ft. Deep In The Struggle.

K-Koke:Snippet Of My Life Lyrics

On A Rise Outro. Grass R U Home. All I Am Prod. Ride Or Die Princess Ft. Harlesden To Stonebridge feat. Listen Lil Man 1.

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Snippet Of My Life Prod. Roc 4 Life feat. D Ting Set feat.

Deep In The Struggle Feat. Im Back Again feat. Top Tracks Top Artists.

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