Quickverse 3.0

Where this approach really broke down was in phrase searches. About then Claudia stepped back in. Or so we thought. My computer genius grandson no brag- just fact , Terry, helped me keep them with Windows 7 Professional , with a Windows XP add in.

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None-the-less I loved the early QV versions. The beauty of this approach was that for any word, I could take you instantly to the first place that word occurs in the Bible. Give me a call tomorrow. Now I realize that programming is a lot tougher now, what with Windows and all. I guess it is The Learning Company or Findex. Jim Sneeringer out quickferse his home while he worked another job.

QuickVerse purchase for Mac | MacUpdate

That seemed weird, but not a problem. We were offering cookies and drinks — hardly a meal — and two hours of boring product announcements. I told him the story of taking the program to Bob for the purpose of renting a mailing list, and how Bob had offered to hire me. Plus Mac users bought times as much software for their machines than the average PC users. I have followed your posts for years.

She could see that I was not happy with Rockwell and quickverrse deriving most of my job satisfaction from the work I was doing after-hours. Anybody got a idea for me? I remember noticing at one point that on many days I was putting in eight hours at Rockwell, then working ten hours at home!

I think I offered him some real jewels; he remembers differently. Not to mention the fact that I had met a couple of guys at work who were equally under-challenged by their work.

Quickverse 3.0 DOS(Niv)

QuickVerse was also the first Parsons product that really taxed the capacity of the little disk duplicator sitting in the shipping room. During our tax season we run three shifts, for a total capacity of overdisks per day.

Or if not, you could just get their Bible program, which is a whole lot better than trying to run a twenty-year-old program on Windows NT. I can only give you three small tidbits of information from the dark corners of my memory. I have Quick Verse, three disks, I am trying to get it work on my new computer, but it stops, with one second to go. I left Parsons Technology innine years before QuickVerse came out.

But I think I convinced Tony that we could sell far more copies of the program due to our larger customer base and active direct marketing efforts.

Quickverse Mac White Box 3.0 Bible Study Software

We quickly outgrew that system and within about three months had upgraded to a Unix-based system with three duplicators, bringing our capacity up to disks per quickveese and giving us the option of duplicating 3. So on the whole, it took me four bytes to store a word. Ahh, this was the life… not a cloud in the sky, my laptop computer on my lap, iced tea beside me, and… rain!

The former was quckverse single password that works for everyone.

Quickverse DOS(Niv) : Parsons Technology :

This is the management team that so undervalued me and my team that they cut my compensation package as soon as they had the chance and unnecessarily threatened to move the development team to Chicago to be closer to their new boss, so they all quit. There were two of them, answering Tech Support calls and quickverxe in some programming between calls.

I lined up an number that rang into our kitchen. The next step was quickveres be able to quickly find every occurrence of every word. I was on the road a lot at the time, so Bible Illustrator began its life beside a swimming pool somewhere in North Carolina as I recall. Anyway, Bible Illustrator was born late in April and shipped on July Write a customer review.

They got to know each quickveree and Bob ended up hiring Kurt. I figured I was a good match for any programming job he might want to throw at me. What did that Tech Support guy call it?

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