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I was wondering if you could recommend some books or other more in-depth readings that might help me as someone brand new to lean and six sigma ideas. The second operation is preferable for a number of reasons that are outlined in [Spear, ], among others. In this case, what would be the optimal way to calculate Ideal Cycle Time for each part numbers? THAT would be your takt time. The result is the number of stations or work zones, units of work-in-process, that are necessary in that process for them to make the takt time.

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With an available time 8pm sec per shift and a demand of 7. Get article and very easy to understand. When I say that the machines are shared, Talt do not mean they are doing two products at the same time. My guess is that you will get better insight into what is happening. Further, in a complex flow, there may be local takt times — for example, a process that feeds more than one main line is going to be running to the aggregated demand, and so its takt will be faster than either of them.

Passengers walk to gate [ min ]. There are no obstacles in the way as such I would just prefer to have the flexibility to move staff on to other processes and beleive the time gew would give me the capacity to do so. Put another way, it gives your entire team the ability to see quickly spot problems and respond to them before little issues accumulate into working on Saturday.

According to the takt time, it turned out that some processes has cycle times that are almost 3 times higher than the takt time.

BUT, as I said, to carry out the entire assignment, you should start from the beginning, and understand the goal or challenge you are trying to achieve, calculate the takt time and planned cycle time, then seek to understand why the process currently performs as it does.

If I have 6 machines punching presses and have 4 workers, who effectively work 7.

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A very common mistake at this point would be to subtract the 30 minute lunch break. IA — This is a common problem, and is getting into the area of production planning and leveling, which is a bit beyond the discussion of takt time.

Your equipment is going home sick more than 3 hours every day. Then you apply PDCA to see what happens, and adjust. Machine reliability is not an issue. I need bit more help and clarification.

All of this is very basic stuff, and I would get few arguments up to this point, so why did I go through it? Let me use automobile manufacturing as an example. OEE has a number of components, some of them are planned down time tools changes, changeovers, planned maintenance, etc others are unplanned slowdowns, stoppages, etc. Your takt time is 14 hours. Also, the necessary quantity of output should not be increased to allow geee defective output.

Thank You so much for the suggestion.

Note that variation in cycle times, factors in how the work CAN be broken down, etc typically make that number somewhat higher. Cycle time is 80 hours each.

If my math reflects your situation, you can make less than half of your requirement with NO changeovers, NO downtime. Things like the above are planned, you know when they will happen.

I am a co op student, and i have been assigned to make a vsm for one specific product for our company. You would, though, need to put clear indicators on it so you knew if, over time, you had a mismatch in production rate vs.

Do I incorporate the waiting time of the WIP in station 1 into the cycle time? The more closely it matches, the more efficient your process. Would One Piece Flow be more efficient on the whole value chain in this instance due to its flexibility?


If you have 10 people working, and even one of them is consistently above takt time, the entire line hee be paced by the slowest person. You again amazed me with your great mind.

Because most of the time the parts are sitting there at station 1 waiting for station 2 operator to pick it up.

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