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And the place to get just that training is the American School This is proven by the quarter of a century of successful experience we have in helping many thousands of men and women gain an enviable place in the business and social life. The sandals, bulky with their turned-up toes, worried him. Caste "Now that a message has come will the Sahib go to the Pindari camp? It was not until several mornings had passed that Randolph Beatty gathered the true state of affairs.

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If we live outside the city we can even af- ford a car— a small one you to yourself understand: Everything about Bootea sug gested breeding, quality.

If you are delighted with the dress and wish to keep it. At their feet, strung out between forbidding banks of clay and sand, ran a molten stream of silver, the sleepy waters of the Muta. The voice lmkar the Bagree Chief, somewhat coarse in its fulness, its independence, now was heard saying: A document was written out by Dewan Sewlal prom ising that in the event of the decoits carrying out the mission they had come upon the estate would be re stored to Raja Karowlee, and that he would be com pelled to assign to the three deceit leaders villages 18 Caste 19 within that territory in rent free tenure.

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A low murmur of voices talkinng from the library, but he en- countered no one on the gallery above. Then, wiui h r an adjuration on his part. You've got to marrv me. Small wonder that you are Minister to the delightful Sindhia.

Where do they live? She prayed to her own village god to breathe mercy into the hearts of those who marched in war, and if it were the Bagrees, that Bhowanee talkong vouchsafe them an omen that to harm the one on a white horse would bring her wrath upon their families and their vil lages.

The officer spoke of them frankly, and not as a man hiding something. Beatty as he picked it scklding, but it was a very young squirrel, and Randolph's tough dog-skin gloves defeated its milk teeth and its intentions.

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Randv had risen to meet her. This frank-eyed boy, who had won her admira- tion so quickly by his fearlessness, and whose appearance and manners were so de- cidedly attractive, had struck a spark that none of the others had kindled. Come, tell your old daddy, and he'll try to get it for you. soclding

Corinne inherit- ed her father's thoroughness. Barlow was of a splendid family; some day he might become Lord Barradean. Beyond that I know not, Sahib, for I am a man of peace, being but a runner of the post. Money back if you ask for it.

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And Bootea recognised him. I didn't explain about my night trips be- fore for fear it would worry you. What does it mean? You are now bound to the British; and I want you to bring me any papers that sccolding have been found upon the two soldiers.

Joseph i;ottin' mad now an' agin, an' once in a dawg's age little Miss Millie spunkin' up to answer him back. But the Prince's teeth were gleaming in a smile. Somewhat grudgingly Ajeet consented, for Bootea, strangely enough, was quite eager over it.

Write for free samples. Make a sketch of it for me with the location of the various rooms — yours, your father's— every one's. But you'll be provided with a car and a chauf- feur all your own to take you to them and from them.

But as to the village; if we anger them they will not entertain the merchant; they will not let him rest in the village. But if scolring did not see them they will be ahead. I do not understand, but I fear that some accident or illness has come to him scloding I am going down to find out for myself.

Sookdee backed up the jamadar. The other chauffeur comes in around midnight, or later.

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