Banshee s02e01

Concerning the story, it looks like a suite of scenes thrown at the fans just to introduce season 2. They managed to tie up most of the loose ends from last seasons finale, while at the same time setting season 2 on its path for this season. Perhaps the break between seasons was just too long.

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Banshee s02e01 vostfr

Hell, I hope the Hopewell family doesn't become the next Brody family. As for Kai and Rebecca, that's definately s02e10 in an "odd" direction, just as it was last season with Kai getting his hookers to dress up like Amish girls.

A little believability wouldn't hurt Banshee and definitely didn't make it boring. I thought he was a fairly complex character in Damages but I'm a bit biased since I loved that show.

And an advert the Marlboro Man clearly missed.

Zeljiko Ivanek basically played the exact same character he played in Revolution, he died in that so they just plucked his character from that universe and placed him in this one. I think it's a good thing to know where each character stands before we get into the blazing banshse mayhem. So there's another threat in the making.

The fact that Racine is so focused on a singular mission is very cool. Please read the following before uploading Do bansnee upload anything which you do not own or are fully licensed to upload. This show has strong female characters that are sexy and capable and pull away from the whimpering stereotypical characters you find in other shows.

Couple of things, love this show, glad it's back and that TV.

Season 2 Episode 1

I can't wait for Rabbit to die! Flaws that one ccan see in themselves. Shouldn't it be mandatory to do a at least a few seconds of "Last season - on Banshee" before jumping righ back into it?

But, there have been many seasons already and my backlog is already so full. They've crafted a well-layered show with a lot of space for interesting developments.

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And I agree, s20e01 he's been after Rabbit for that long, and that obsessively, I think it's fairly safe to assume that there's a good chance he's seen a mugshot of "Hood" somewhere along the line. He's a Kiwi doing an american accent. So this season its going to be the war between Proctor and the Kinaho tribe and its setting up wonderfully.

Other than that, the pace of the show continues the same, which is good. This comment has been removed. At 5'5", he can't be more than lbs but his presence and badass factor far exceed his stature.

I want a Yorkee bar a beer and a blowjob the next time I watch this.

Banshee S02E () Odette Annable |

Julian Sands and Ben Cross are playing brothers - how cool is that? I just love the characters of this show.

Antony Starr is from New Zealand English is his first language and is putting on a fairly generic American drawl for this character. Oh, and I like the women on the show for everything they show in this series. I know this show doesn't take itself too seriously, but it wouldn't re-introduce a character who knows Hood before and after and just leave that hanging Nothing worse than fake Irish accents for instance. Banshee Season 2 Premiere Review: He's been in a million different things, but I usually remember him as the corrupt Governor James Devlin from Oz and The Magister from True Blood, who was far scarier than the rest of the authority.

But then the episode develops. But I agree, we can have so much fun with strong female characters and men who think they bansbee in control but in reality are being controlled by the women who also use their sexuality, as men would use their vigour, to do so.

So Rabbit, that was

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