You can use this profile to make any desired changes to the user configuration. Features are provided that enable an administrator to add and remove users, modify user settings, and even designate other users as additional administrators. Click on the User Settings link near the top of the page. The administrator can also change these settings for an individual user, or globally for all users in the account. Set Usage Limit An administrator can limit the activity incurred by a user by setting a dollar amount limit for that user.

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The default billing code can be set to any text string of up to characters, including letters, numbers, and punctuation. Perform the following steps to access the user settings: The password does not appear on the fax. The fields that are displayed for every user are selectable in the Customize View section at the bottom of the page.

[ubuntu] help with uploading file in myfaxcentral

Perform the following steps to add an email address: Perform the following steps to set the default billing code: If this option is selected, faxes sent by email are refused by the system if the password is not included or is not correct. Close the pop-up window containing the cover page preview to return to the Send Preferences page.

Select the area code in which you want the new fax number from the Add New Fax Number drop-down list. No software is installed on the computer.

More than one computer can be set up to integrate by the same user. This is the address to which notifications are sent, and is also the first address listed mytaxcentral the Sending Email Addresses. An administrator can also lock this value so that the user cannot change it.

Once in myfaxcentarl User Settings view, you can click on any of the links near the top of the page to switch to any of the other views: The file must be in commaseparated value CSV format, including a header line showing the fields to be included. Add a fax number A user can have more than one fax number.

The controls here provide some flexibility in controlling how billing codes are used. In either case, the user can neither receive nor send faxes once the limit is exceeded. If this option is not selected, DO NOT include the password in the email or the password will appear on the fax, since the system is not expecting it to be there. The Microsoft Integration option is located at the bottom of the Send Preferences page as shown below: Choose whether to open or save the file.

Perform the following steps to access the Receive Preferences: This is myyfaxcentral option to use if you wish to group users by department. Exporting the User List You can export a list of users from MyFax and store the list on your computer. Enter the email address of the user in the Email Address field. Select either Per Nyfaxcentral or One Time from the drop-down list.

This email includes the user id and fax number. Disable Microsoft Office Integration 1. Importing a List of Users More than one user account can be added at the same time by importing a list of users from a file. Set Usage Limit An administrator can limit the activity incurred by a user by setting a dollar amount limit for that mygaxcentral.

MyFaxCentral User Administrative Guide

You can download any of the cover page templates that are preloaded in the MyFax system. Click on the designated link to enable Microsoft Office integration.

Add Email Myfwxcentral used for Sending Faxes A user can have up to a maximum of three email addresses listed, from which he or she can send faxes. Modify News and Updates for a Specific User 1. You can click Hide Options when you are done to hide list of checkboxes. Check or uncheck the Share cover page with all users checkbox as desired.

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