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You may createwi-fi hotspot from your smartphone and connect Your PC. Install and setup An2An Remote2. You can use the soft controller or an hardwarecontroller to play with all games installed on the server device,also those without the built-in controller support in virtue of theGamepad2Touch functionality and the help of the touch profiles. You can find how easy to delete words. CompatibleGamesThe following games are tested and compatible to this app:

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For enhanced gaming keypad,please check out our "GameKeyboard" app. Transform your phone into a wireless mouse, keyboard and trackpadusing WiFi Mouse.

GKM Touch Apk v. Could we map a key for that on future updates?

GKM Touch Download APK for Android - Aptoide

App allows users with root permissionsto see Wi-Fi passwords saved. Not all apps are compatible, so pleasetest during the trial period. To user of original GameKeyboardThanksfor your support, we are very sorry that we can no longer updatethe the original version. Google Plus Twitter Facebook Reddit. Former known as MC4 Helper This app letseveral compatible games to recognise regular controller as asupported controller and enable touchh features e. Pan tilt zoom UAC cameras.

Download GKM Touch Apk ,cartrader.proh-Allfreeapk .

AnDOSBox is designed to workwith external input solution, seek out and use anything you seefit. Mobile Controller Helper Apk v. There are manyconnection mode with this app and you can try the bruteforce modeeither. It supports 3 fancy skins. Please enable Flit Keyboard from Language settingsafter installed, and read the apkk messages from Flit Keyboardsettings for usage and tips.

It includes virtualtouchscreen pad support, hardware buttons mapping Xperia Play,phones with keyboard or gamepad, external gamepads bluetooth or USBsuch as WiiMote, Sixaxis, XboxMoga, Ipega and analog sticks.

Spread theword, and keep sharing WiFi! It is good but lacking in a few features. You can enter words with your voice. Beforeany actions, make a backup! Jordi Gras I have to say that never seen a so implied support till now.

Easy to contact with us, report bugs and yourrequests at Setting's mail to menu. Octopus - Play games with gamepad,mouse,keyboard 3.

GKM Touch Apk

Markus Birth Touc can only map either button, but not both since they're modifying the same axis. Utter crapola Does not work with newer ipega controllers More From Developer Show All. You can change the buttons' height for your finger size.

With this application you can check if your router isvulnerable or not and act accordingly. Mark Esco Requires root. This feature was only available in toych 4.

Play all your favourite games with full analogsupport, even those without built-in controller support! An2An Remote Demo Apk v. I can only map akp button, but not both since they're modifying the same axis.

This Appneeds a few permissions: Needs a how to guide as there is no real tutorial. I am notresponsible for any misuse.

Available in 19 languages across countries andregions.

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