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30 May A spiritual treatise on the Naam-Jaap (Technique of reciting the Name Gurmukhi-English, Transliteration of “Jappu ji Sahib.” Published by the. 26 Aug In Gurmukhi (Punjabi). Visit our library at :// sikh_library/ Identifier JaapSahibSteek-. 25 May JapJi Sahib Path(With Meaning In Punjabi) Meaning In Punjabi). [Show slideshow] · Microsoft Word – Japji sahib viakhia3 – Copy. ▻.

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God is attached with the entire Universe.

Salutation to the Transcendent King of all kings. Salutation to God, who Himself is running the whole show of the universe.

Meditation on the Name produces Wismad, wonder; and the object of phnjabi poetry as the Japp Sahib is the jaap sahib with meaning in punjabi of the mood of aesthetic ecstasy: God is the Soul of the whole universe and only His form existed before the creation.

JapJi Sahib Path(With Meaning In Punjabi)

His universal adoration is immanent. God is Ocean of numerous virtues and qualities. God is the Donor of the universe from all sides. Wonderful Preceptor God is always victorious To be recited. Salutation to God who is beyond sensual desires. Salutation to the Inestimable. Salutation to the Fearless. God is Optimum bounty.

Jaap Sahib –

God is the Fountain of kindness. Jaap Sahib is a total and complete introduction to a non-individual Creator, or Nature itself, or the Forces of Universe, or the Laws of Nature.

He is the Giver of salvation. Salutation to the Enemy of old age.

God cannot be established; He is boundless. God is recited by all at all places.

JapJi Sahib Path(With Meaning In Punjabi)

God is Transcendent Lord forever. God is adored by all. Salutation to God who is kind to all. All turn to Thee for refuge. God is Animate forever.

> Sri Jaap Sahib English Translation

Pujnabi is all illuminated Light. God has neither friend nor for. Salutation to the Fundamental seed of all. God is the enlightened Lamp of illuminated beauty.

God is adorned by all. God is Transudatory to everywhere. Salutation to God who is beyond ritual ceremonies. Content The immortal One is for Guru Gobind Singh sometimes the ‘wholly Other,’ far above human comprehension, before whom man can but bow again and again.

God is Immortal forever. God jaap sahib with meaning in punjabi Chastity and Unspoted. God inhabits over all sides of the universe in numerous form. God is Immortal, Omnipotent, Omnipresent and beyond any country. God is Imperishable, Incorporeal, Unattired, and Indescribable. Salutation to God who can make everything to dry. Salutation to God whol illuminates all the moons. Salutation to God who is the Creator of three qualities of mind, producing the ego and pridel darkness of mind and peace and knowledge.

Innumerable simitries, puranas, and sastras are unable to explain the truth and complete knowledge of God. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

God is beyond parent, caste, death and birth. God is the Killer of gods of death.

The fervor of the true Bhakta pnjabi out in hailing the immortal as man’s companion. Salutation to the Hope of the hopeful. God performs all actions. God is the Creator jaap sahib with meaning in punjabi all the languages. All countries belong to God. Salutation to God who is beyond portraiture. God annihilates all egoes, proudness, and all ill doers. God is without any desire. Salutation to the Creator of all tunes.

God is the Treasure of Truth, He is Indubitable punjagi beyond element.