Relics of fate a penny macey mystery

Zoom in on the broken vase under the window, move the pieces, and take the Key. Use them both on the safe and take the KEY on the inside. Use the SCOOP of bird seed on the inside of the bird feeder and the bird will fly down to eat from it. Unlock the door and decide you need to prune the bush to see what is there.

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You are back at Dad's Office and it is trashed, including the Map, which is now useless. Zoom in on the right side of the gate and take the loose bar.

Enter the email address you use for your Big Fish account. Place the fireworks and match and the lock will blow off, so you can enter the Mansion grounds. Three of the four macry pieces can only fit on way.

Relics of Fate: A Penny Macey Mystery Walkthrough

Click the wooden bow multiple times as fast as you can to start the fire. Click on the wine rack to pull it down M. Arrange the books as shown in the screenshot.

Zoom in the clip board A. The wires are one of three colors: Take the COIN on the couch. A Penny Macey Mystery Genre: Play the Hidden Object Scene. Inside the safe is the Shell Relic. Look the second paper 6. Take the file marked in the screenshot. Connect the wires by rearranging the rows of wire.

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Plenty of game time, and plenty of interest. Hidden Object mystery Point and Click.

Right mouse button works for rotation. Rated 5 out of 5 by smilingsun72 from Help Penny find the relics and rescue her dad! There is an oil spot on the floor that you want to erlics out, so you need to clean it up. Talk to the guard and pick up the Jug and Mug.

Open all of pockets on the golf bags. After finding your father, click on the contraption in the fire place in the next room to start a mini-game. Grab the coin in the return slot and click on the coin placement slot of the phone. Clicking on a tile will pick it up, while right clicking will flip it. Click on the powder 2.

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There are no arrows for moving from one location to another, because there will be an automatic blackout as you are taken there. Get the Brush Attachment and take the first Pipe to repair the water supply. Click on the faucet and place the hose and brush in the Key Object. Zoom in on the cabinet, open it and take the Tape.

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