Affordable and easy to use, LANGuardian deep packet inspection gives network engineers the highest level of visibility into activity on the network. Detect instances of network misuse, such as downloading movies from Netflix and iTunes. Troubleshooting a congested WAN link and identifying the cause as a misconfigured Windows image that was downloading updates during working hours. User Activity Always know what users are doing. Identify the switch ports you want to monitor these are often called source ports.

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The diagram below shows LANGuardian in a typical network setup consisting of PCs, laptops, servers, a core switch, and a firewalled Internet connection.

With support for hundreds of the most common applications and protocols, and a unique deep packet inspection algorithm, CBAR delivers greater accuracy and fewer false positives than other approaches to application recognition.

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Flow Analysis Versus Packet Analysis. For example, if users try to bypass content filtering by using a proxy server, LANGuardian detects this and reports on the sites users are visiting. Network Analyst at Illinois Central College. LANGuardian can report on direct and proxy based web traffic. More about network traffic monitoring If you have any questions about how LANGuardian can meet your requirements, please contact us.

There are several different installation options to choose from: In this network, LANGuardian is installed on a virtual server that is connected to a virtual switch.

Perform network or user forensics on past events.

LANGuardian - Deep Packet Inspection Software.

Need to track network user activity? See how much bandwidth is been consumed by users surfing the web. You languarduan create custom reports to filter the information by IP address, user, date and time, website, or download type. For example, if you only want to measure web traffic on your network, flow-based software may be the most appropriate solution.

This site uses cookies. Affordable and easy to use, LANGuardian deep packet inspection gives network engineers the languradian level of visibility into activity on the network. DPI uses wire data analytics to look within network packets and see what they contain. By languqrdian the LANGuardian database for the hash value, the customer was able to immediately identify the culprit by name.

When you install LANGuardian in a Microsoft Hyper-V environment, it can monitor traffic on the internal virtual network, as well as traffic on the physical network. Troubleshooting a congested Internet link and drilling down to identify the IP address and username of a user who was streaming live TV to his computer. LANGuardian is trusted by more thanusers to monitor web traffic and, if you agree at the end of the trial period that LANGuardian is the most effective software for monitoring web traffic, we offer a number of competitive pricing options — including special pricing options for non-profit and educational organizations.

Web traffic monitoring software with DPI can provide real-time and lznguardian reports by Lahguardian address, user, date and time, website, or download type, while alerts can be set up to advise network managers of unusual or specific web traffic activity far more effectively than with flow-based web traffic monitoring software.

Installation Diagram The illustration below shows a typical virtual network setup consisting of file, application, and database servers connected to a virtual switch.

Need usage data for cloud migration or consolidation projects? No details are provided about what the web traffic contains. Configure the switch to associate the source ports with the monitoring port. See how much bandwidth is being consumed by visits to social media sites. Passively capture traffic flowing through your network switch Analyse internal traffic, capture metadata such as IP addresses, user names, file and folder names, web domains and URIs Store the results in a database for reporting and analysis Get alerts if suspicious activity is detected Keep a constant eye on you network and help prevent incidents that could turn into breaches or network outages Provide access to traffic data through a web interface Support for 1Gb and 10Gb network interfaces.

With LANGuardian, you can: It can monitor and report on internal network activity such as access to intranet servers and file shares as well as external activity such as access to websites, use of cloud services, and social media activity. Our technical support team can answer any questions you may have on your own network topology.


Monitoring physical network traffic with a LANGuardian virtual machine As well as monitoring traffic on your virtual network, a LANGuardian virtual appliance can monitor network traffic on your physical network.

The result is that LANGuardian provides unrivaled visibility into the Internet traffic generated by the users on your network.

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