Serios castlevania fighter

Feb 14, On 25th December a second demo release was made. Jan 3,

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I can tell that I suck but it's still fun regardless. Jun 24, Ixbran Cleric of Nintendo Ancient Legion.

Castlevania Fighter - Download

Great Boss Rush fan game Jun 22, 8: The new bosses consists of CyclopsRusalkaBlackmoreMedusaGergothParanoia and Astarte and game's releases in, and more. Aaahhhh those time travels!!!

Just download it and play!

Jun 12, Every character has multiple subweapons always available at their dispossal and can be changed pressing a button Fighted are 4 levels of difficulty Easy, Medium, Hard and Nightmare which really happens to be nightmare-ish There is a store feature that let's you improve your character's stats.

Jun 17, If you just can't stand seeing those characters there, you can completely remove the Extra Characters roster easily by deleting file.

Boss battle after boss battle.

Jun 18, What's that boring nonesense? Jun 25, 8: Why am I not surprised, Galamoth?

Maybe you should try another character? Later inzerios fourth demo got released, along with new characters and bosses, even some brand new english voices got added. I discovered the game thanks to Touhou, as I was hoping to find a new Castlevania-like game. Reply Serio's Castlevania Fighter!

Remember you have multiple difficulties, thus you can start in Easy. A sixth version of the game. Jun 9, I'm a little intimidated.

Castlevania Fighter

Albus and a Persephone fiighter, as well as three new bosses. Here's a neat video featuring co-op. How that hype already? Great Boss Rush fan game.

Serio's Castlevania Fighter! (Great Boss Rush fan game)

Great Boss Rush fan game Jun 18, Jun 19, 7: There are custom sprites as well, alongside the original ones. Here's a random video about this game castlevani you're still uncertain may contain spoilers: Dec 2, THUS this game features many bosses of divers Castlevania games.

Carrie came from a 3D realm and now look: Great Boss Rush fan game Jun 17,

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