A closed circuit is also possible but not practical for underground mining. Minefire can simulate the resulting smoke and heat from a fire along the ventilation circuit, showing the quantities in each heading. The connections between each airway must be setup manually from this window. It can also be used to calculate contaminant flows and diesel particulates along headings. A duct system is setup along the mine circuit with airflow and pressure being calculated.

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The vent cnetpc will produce the same results but with less clutter on screen. The summary report gives details such as: This allows a proper ventilation circuit to be created and identifies loose ends. Both packages allow for accurate simulation of underground ventilation circuits while offering intuitive user interfaces.

Either fans or fixed quantities can be setup in headings to create pressure and allow movement of air. Ductsim is the fan and ducting simulator from MVS Engineering. There is a menu bar at the top of the screen with all functions available as well as a toolbar with icons representing common functions. Once an airflow simulation is completed the other packages can be used such as thermodynamic, contaminants, diesel particulates, vnetpcc and financials.

BBE have the capability and provide the service of customising any of these software products to specifically suit particular requirements. A single left mouse button click will recentre the screen while dragging vntpc that button rotates around that nvetpc. There is an option to separate headings into different layers which can be turned display on or off. Fan placements can be set and run to check results, allowing the user to determine the optimum fan setup.

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The third filtering tool removes duplicate segments and points to eliminate the possibility of running calculations for the same heading twice. The cost of any air conditioning units is added into the final power and financial calculations. To minimize the number of gnetpc the simplification function will combine set lengths of airways to equivalent lengths.

It is required that the user prepare the dxf file in AutoCAD or another software to simplify the model and connect all loose ends.

Ventilation Software – Ventsim and VnetPC

It's a community-based project which helps to repair anything. All programs offer discounts for multiple licences, but only a single license of each will be considered here. Functionality Ventsim Ventsim allows for either import of a dxf file and conversion to the Ventsim format or directly creating a design in Ventsim. Climsim is the themodynamic simulator by MVS Engineering.

This tool can be used on any or all headings to optimize from vntpc purely vent cost over life of mine versus vntepc costs. This prints the data in a similar view as it is inputted. This tool can also be used to convince potential clients of the safe working conditions planned underground. The thermodynamic simulator is a powerful package that can incorporate the surface temperature, rock temperature varying with depth, vnetp heat production and cooling units.

VnetPC (free version) download for PC

Ventilation Software — Ventsim and VnetPC There are many different ventilation softwares available on the market today, with a range of abilities and functionalities. The problem headings are also highlighted and flash. Although rock heat in the intake systems is important, the effects of stope face advance and face utilisation are critical during system design. The airflow simulation can be setup a number of ways, by adding fans each with individual fan curves, setting a fixed flow in a heading or setting a fixed pressure in a heading.

This cnetpc a much specialised science in which BBE has the highest level of competency. VUMA software is customised for the analysis of mine ventilation, contaminant tracking, refrigeration and cooling networks with particular emphasis on full thermodynamic solutions.

Conversion is automatic, and there are three filtering tools for cleaning of the file. The creation of networks and running calculations is straightforward with a minimal learning curve.

This paper will examine both softwares from the viewpoints of functionality, visual display, outputs, ease of use and cost. Any of these values can also be displayed in number form above each airway.

Cost Ventsim Ventsim Visual is available in either standard or advanced versions.

The contaminant tool is used to similarly show the levels of any contaminant along all airways.

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