IT can remotely wipe a workspace from a lost, stolen, or obsolete device, corporate or personal, with the push of a button. Each time you invoke an image, the image is updated from the safe source at the Moka5 website. Unfortunately, Moka5 had neither.

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Brian Madden, of brianmadden. In what may be a related issue, Whaley, whose Mka5 account is joewhaley, last Tweeted on March Each time you invoke an image, the image is updated from the safe source at the Moka5 website.

No one answered at its Redwood City, Calif. Madden said that two former Moka5 employees e-mailed him and said they were let go, along with most company employees, last Friday.

Tweeting from the account had been consistent up until that time. The battery makes it useful for little else Trust Your Users M5 empowers end-users to work where, when and moa5 they want, while providing IT the centralized control and compliance they need to prevent security exploits, lost IP and malware infections.

The mobile workforce, mergers, acquisitions and outsourcing are critical for growth, but give legacy IT management and security solutions fits.

Some of you may be confused. The last update from its Facebook page was on March 4, promoting a cloud computing Webinar. Fundamentally Transforming Enterprise End-user Computing Based on research conducted by Moja5 University, Moka5 M5 fundamentally transforms enterprise end-user computing.

Ya, this is kind of cool. This is what makes Moka5 unique. Based on research conducted by Stanford University, Moka5 M5 fundamentally mka5 enterprise end-user computing.

Moka5 Apparently Closes Its Doors -- Virtualization Review

Follow him on Twitter VirtReviewKeith. But each image you build yourself is one you must maintain and update yourself. You can install operating systems on player instances. And lest you be tempted to cheat, remember that you must have a separate Windows license for each image you run.

Moka5: Virtualization in Your Pocket | What Is Moka5? | InformIT

Moka5 is also a website with downloadable operating system images that mpka5 can load from the Internet and run from your USB storage. Employees or contractors can be provisioned or decommissioned within minutes without additional server or storage capacity, regardless of computer make, model, smartphone or tablet. The Moka5 Web siteat least on the surface, appears completely normal. I know some have assumed that running an operating system from my iPod means I use the clickwheel and dinky screen to run Linux.

With M5, you can effectively take your IT organization out of the endpoint management and deployment business. The Moka5 website has all kinds of images that tempt you. Attempts to contact sales and support both ended in voicemail, as well. Moka5 is even configurable enough to enable you to run a more traditional image, one that saves your changes and one that can be started at any time, even if you are offline.

And if you go with this approach, you have a portable set of PCs you can run from any borrowed PC. Thanks for an awesome 7 years as CTO.

Moka5: Virtualization in Your Pocket

Please check back later. It's currently unknown if Moka5 will resume operations, how many employees were laid off, or what will happen to customers currently using Moka5 products in terms of support. M5 creates a highly-elastic enterprise perimeter where user data and applications are delivered as simply-managed and highly-secure workspaces to popular end-user devices.

Calls were routed to voicemail. But Madden pointed out that the "About Us" page has changed, listing three venture capital companies as its "Team. Moka5 has a LinkedIn sitewhich doesn't say anything about the company going out of business. There are no articles, blogs or any other information related to the company going out of business.

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