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Terrific collection of chords. As mentioned previously, there are a number of presets to choose from to get you started. He notices someone wearing something regarding Cthulhu and says that he uses that plugin. The velocity of your note How loud your note is played Adding a harmonizing note Have a note played at random to create something completely fresh These are just some of the things you can do in this plugin.

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But as a beginner, will you understand how to use it?

I would like to test xfdr the pack you are referencing myself! Unlike most arpeggiators out there, this plugin has a graph area so you can visualize how each note is going to be played.

Cthulhu was designed with every producer in mind. On its simplest level, it's an instant chord creator, spitting out chords when single note-on commands are received. One Note Becomes Many. Trying to remember what chords were randomly assigned to what keys. Yes, my password is: Just play what feels right or sounds good and hit record. Not convinced this plugin will change the way you make music?

Create interesting variations by changing how fast or slow to play the note, changing the way your note sounds if your instrument responds to velocity Gate: Love this plugin for creating chord structures that I wouldn't have thought up originally. Import MIDI or 'record' chords straight in, Cthulhu is able to analyze the chords you play and allow for various sorting options Circle of 5ths, Chromatic, low note, etc allowing for easy access over your chords!

For example, a selection of '3' will play the third-highest note held.

Still, for what it does, Cthulhu comes in at a ridiculously low price, assuming you don't own something that can do most of what it does already. Apr 29, Messages: These are just some of the things you can do in this plugin. LordFunkySep 12, Chord generator is educational. Lovecraft's gods were pre-historic and forgotten, but Xfer draw upon slightly less ancient ercords, primarily Bach, whose cthulgu are represented among the collected presets of Cthulhu's Chords module.

Cthulhu by Xfer Records - Plugins (VST/AU) - Cymatics

LVSep 12, I love this plugin. Included are over factory chord presets allowing for a near-unlimited amount of possible musical-sounding chord progressions.

And the thing is, this plugin is not only an arpeggiator. Dec 30, Messages: There are slots - one for each MIDI note number. A video posted on faceboook of him talking to the crowd after his show at Euphoria Festival in Transform the way you make music with well thought-out chord presets and arpeggiator patterns.

Who use Xfer Records’ Cthulhu and what do you think about it?

It can be xffer first hard to figure out how to set up especially with AU's etc In this video, Steve Duda says "it's hard to sometimes, even if you're a keyboard player, be able to explore different possibilities with chords and deal with rhythm at the same time. By loading one up, you give yourself the ability to play various chords with the press of a single note on your MIDI controller.

Better still, you're not limited to the preset chords - you can also create your own or edit what's already there. Now I just play basic triads and then import them into ezkeys.


We know this is just a quick overview of its many options. Chords can be copied and pasted or learned from any notes you trigger, and there's a WTF button for generating them randomly. From simple to complex, from chaotic to creating precise arpeggio you imagine in your head!

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