Sakoot e baghdad

Farrukhidris rated it really liked it Nov 06, It broke down or silted up. The caliph also armed the natives of Baghdad by giving them armour and weapons, and incited them to fight the enemy of the caliphate, whom he called infidels since they waged war against the caliph, the successor of the prophet and the leader of the ummah. The siege is considered to mark the end of the Islamic Golden Age , during which the caliphs had extended their rule from the Iberian Peninsula to Sindh , and which was also marked by many cultural achievements.

Pixtrix for blackberry

Adjust your photos, add Clipart, add frames, add effects and add custom elements to make your pics look funnier or just plain better. Clicking on the screen will play a random quote by Mr. PixTrix PixTrix for BlackBerry is a simple to use app that allows you to apply photographic filters to your photos and share them with your friends. The phone will accurately play one many "hit" sounds when your punch the air with the phone. Now it supports BB as well as models.


Yas had been making music and performing since the early age of 13 and toured with hip hop group Public Enemy by the time he was 14 years of age. Tech has confirmed that the first song "God of Waar" has been completed. Project Wyze was a Canadian rap metal band active from before breaking up in to pursue their side-project Dead Celebrity Status.